Instructor, Skyline Online Course Introduction to Targeted Proteomics: SRM/MRM and PRM, 2021-present

Presented a lecture and led a tutorial session of 50+ attendees on indexed retention time and how to process data within the Skyline ecosystem. Also contributed to live question and answer sessions. Sessions taught: April 2021, April 2022, October 2022.

Guest Lecturer, BIOS 227, Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics: Opening the Black Box, Stanford Univ., Winter 2021

Developed and presented a lecture on the combination of glycobiology and mass spectrometry at the invitation of course leader Prof. Sharon Pitteri.

Guest Lecturer, Stanford University Mass Spectrometry Seminar Series, Fall 2020

Designed and presented two lectures on fundamentals and cutting-edge research in glycoproteomics. Recordings available here.

Seminar 1: Fundamentals: An introduction to MS-based glycoproteomics, Sept 3, 2020

Seminar 2: Reasons to be excited about current efforts in glycoproteomics, Oct 1, 2020

Graduate Lecturer, Biochemistry 660, Biochemical Techniques, UW-Madison, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

Designed and taught three lectures on bioanalytical mass spectrometry to graduate students. Developed and graded two problem sets to correspond with lectures. Integrated written and oral feedback from Prof. Marv Wickens, other graduate lecturers, and students for constant improvement in lecture delivery, style, and content.

Guest Lecturer, The Data Revolution in Science and Medicine, UW-Madison, Fall 2017

Designed and taught one lecture on bioanalytical mass spectrometry and how proteomics fits into the landscape of the big data revolution to second year MD-PhD students (School of Medicine and Public Health, SMPH).

Graduate Facilitator, Food, Fasting, and Fitness, UW-Madison, Spring 2018

Facilitated a “Metabolic Adaptation” active learning module for a first-year medical student course (SMPH). Worked with a faculty leader, lead discussion about introductory material, and guided student learning through an online module that the students completed in a medium group setting with approx. 6 students per group.

Teaching Assistant, Chemistry Department, UW-Madison

CHEM 329, Analytical Chemistry for Majors, approx. 20 hours per week, Spring 2014

CHEM 104, General Chemistry II, approx. 25 hours per week, Fall 2012

Chemistry Tutor, CHEM 104, approx. 2 hours per week, Spring 2014

University 101 Program, Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support, USC, 2009-2011

Peer Leader, UNIV 101, The Student in University, Fall 2009, Fall 2010

Designed and implemented lesson plans, managed student issues, graded papers and projects, and provided feedback on student presentations; worked as a team with co-instructor, serving as a mentor to 25 freshmen and fostering leadership development in first-year students.

Peer Leader Captain, EDLP 520 (School of Education Course), The Teacher as Manager, Fall 2011

Co-instructed a 3-hour credit education school course that taught classroom leadership; designed and implemented lesson plans, facilitated discussion about how to grow in their mentor and leadership skills.

Community Tutor and Mentor, Waverly After School Program, Columbia, SC, 2007-2012

Tutored middle school and high school students in math and science subjects, approx. 3 hours per week.

Neuroscience and Chemistry Lead, Carolina Science Outreach, Columbia, SC, 2011-2012

Designed, constructed, and presented educational programs for audiences ranging from K-12 students to adult community groups.